Friday, October 16, 2009

Kibby Ridge to StartUp

The Boston Globe:
"The ceremony will mark the completion of the first 22 windmills and the start of their production of power, which will flow to Central Maine Power Co. and through its interconnections to the New England grid.

The second 22 windmills in the project, on Kibby Ridge, are scheduled for completion in late summer or early fall of next year, said Corey Goulet, vice president of energy projects for TransCanada. The portion of the project to be dedicated today will provide the equivalent average energy needs of 25,000 homes.

When all 44 windmills are completed, the Kibby Mountain windmills will provide twice that power and become New England’s largest wind power project. It has an overall cost of $320 million, said Goulet."

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Herring Catch To Be Cut

Portland Press Herald:
"Fishery managers from around the Northeast met Tuesday in Portland to discuss deep cuts in the herring catch for 2010. No final decisions will be made until November, but scientists are calling for a 53 percent reduction from this year's catch limit because of uncertainty about the health of the population."

Wind Meeting Draws Protestors

While the Governor was inside praising the prospects of wind power in the State, several protesters picketed outside. Portland Press Herald:
"He spoke about the importance of energy independence, as well. 'We've been through too many contrived (oil) shortages, real or imagined, that are outside of our control,' Baldacci said.

He acknowledged the protesters who began to gather outside the civic center about 10 a.m.

'Everybody needs to be heard from,' he said, 'but we need to take action.'"